Story of SHION

SHiON is a Japan's high-end cosmetics line, which was researched and developed by Pacific Empire Investment. In Japanese, SHiON means haethbell, which is a type of fragile flower, but contains an extraordinary ability. It often blossoms in late autumn when other types of flowers have faded. The mission of SHiON is to help millions of women in the world “turn on your pride”.

All the products branded SHiON are manufactured with modern and closed technologies in Japan, with strictly-controlled material sources, together with the purest water from Mount Fuji. Especially, Shion undertakes not to perform tests on animals.

Skin care products of SHiON are researched with a suitable formula for Asian skins and help improve popular problems such as whitening, anti-aging, reducing wrinkles and dark spots, etc.