1,850,000 VND

Use: Provide whitening essence and supply water to prevent aging. Blur dark spots and make skin smooth and youthful. With extracts from:

  • 24k gold leaf
  • Extraction from placenta stem cell: contributes to recreate and revive damages, maintains the beauty and limits the aging of the skin.

  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C): synthesizes collagen, at the same time inhibit the synthesis of melanin to lighten and stretch the skin, heal wounds, control inflammation and reduce erythema.

  • Extraction from Kudzu root: promotes the blood circulation and nourishes the skin to make the          skin ruddy.

  • Extraction from aloe vera: reduces pigmentation on the skin, provides moisture, protects the skin from sunburn and offers quite good anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Extraction from Chlorella: helps prevent the aging process, reduces freckles, dark spots, brightens and whitens skin.